Welcome to La Résidence Fulford Residence

1221 Guy Street - Montréal, Québec

Mon 15 9:30 Exercise w/Craig
  1:30 Bridge
  3:00 Reading w/
Mr. Dawson
  6:15 Home Cinema
Tues 16
9:30 Exercise w/Craig
2:00 Bingo w/Stephan
6:15 Home Cinema

Wed 17 Dr. Hew
11:00 Church
A. Cumyn
2:00 Activity w/Albert
6:15 Home Cinema
Thu 18 Hairdressing
9:30 Exercise w/Craig
2:00 Music w/Vladimir
6:15 Home Cinema

Fri 19
Dr. Hew
9:30 Yoga w/Sue
3:00 Music w/Glen

Sat 20 1:30 Music w/Louis
6:15 Home Cinema

Sun 21 12:00 Sunday Sherry
1:30 Music w/Brian
6:15 Home Cinema


Main Hallway Entrance at Fulford Residence

Main Hallway Entrance at

Fulford Residence







Dear Visitor to our Fulford Residence website,

Welcome! Fulford Residence prides itself on providing a high quality service and a caring environment for senior women. As you learn more about Fulford from this website, I hope that it will encourage you to visit Fulford and see what a unique and special home it is for the 38 senior ladies who live here and are looked after by a caring staff.

Fulford is a private, not-for-profit residence, administered by a volunteer Board of Directors. It has a rich history which you will read about elsewhere on this site. One of Fulford’s many strengths is the extent of its volunteer support which, combined with our not-for-profit mandate, contributes to our ability to keep our fees very competitive for the level of services and quality of comfort our ladies enjoy.

I am confident that you may want to consider Fulford Residence for your loved one. Please see our
Frequently Asked Questions and answers (FAQ) and enjoy the photos of life around Fulford. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require more information or to schedule an appointment to visit our residence.

Please see our
newsletters for news of the caring people who provide support and activities for our residents

Florence Tracy
First Directress


Fulford Residence is a non-profit home to thirty-eight ladies and is housed in a historic residence on Guy Street,
in the heart of downtown Montreal.





Fulford provides an environment for daily living that encourages a meaningful life for senior women. By striving to maintain appropriate levels of autonomy, security, comfort and spiritual solace, we endeavour to enable residents to live the remainder of their days at Fulford Residence.


Although Fulford is primarily a residence, we are licensed to offer quality care to the end of life whenever possible. It must be emphasized that we only admit ladies who are alert and autonomous; however we make every effort to accommodate our residents as they begin to lose autonomy. We cannot accommodate behavior that poses a risk to the resident herself, other residents or any staff member. Residents requiring continual use of medical equipment such as oxygen or intravenous therapy unfortunately would not be able to stay at Fulford. A small subsidy may be made available to a resident unable to meet her financial requirements.

Please click here for more information on the services we provide.


 Fulford Management Team

Mariette Gagnon, Assistant Director

Moleka Londala, Head Nurse

Marie France Lacoste, Director







Marie-France Lacoste

Marie-France Lacoste
Managing Director

Mariette Gagnon
Assistant Director

Christiane Delhaes

Judy Serve

Judy Serve

David McEntyre
Vice-President, looking on

Christiane Delhaes
Administrative Assistant

Moleka Londasa, RN


Head Nurse
Moleka Londala, RN


Pat Kinnear gardening at Fulford Residence





Drawing by Artist Sara Colby

Résidence Fulford Residence is a smoke-free environment. 


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