Résidence Fulford Residence

1221 Guy Street - Montréal, Québec


Activities at Fulford



A weekly list of activities taking place at Fulford Residence is posted on the bulletin boards on every floor, at the main entrance and at the entrance to the dining room.

The activities for the day are posted on the notice board by the main desk. These daily activities are also announced at each meal time.

The following is a list of the activities that take place:


Piano entertainment


Bridge games
Church services
Visits by a nun from the religious order Sisters of Africa
Knitting club
Door greeters serve tea in the morning and afternoon and socialize with the residents
Sunday sherry
Twice weekly exercises
Weekly readings of books and poetry
Movies two or three times a week in the evenings
Twice weekly organized activities - Games, Scrabble, singing, discussions, bowling, ring toss, preparing birthday cards for residents who are celebrating birthdays.
Singing four evenings a month with guest musicians who play the piano, guitar or sing along with a CD.
Catholic mass monthly
Monthly concerts by guest musicians
University student programs (physio, human resources) - Discussions, games, looking at photo albums, general companionship
Choir visits on special occasions (such as the Christmas season)
Breakfast on the balcony and BBQ's (weather permitting)
Twice a year Pub Crawl - Ladies go out to a pub in the community with Montreal Urban Community Police
Once a year pub night-jazz musician comes in to play music.
Other activities, such as:

MacDonnell Teas
Shepherd Supper



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