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Private Home for Senior Ladies



Each Fulford resident has her own private bedroom and can bring personal items to make the room her own. Residents are able to bring some of their familiar and favourite belongings to decorate and furnish their rooms to their own taste. All of the rooms have either a private or nearby semi private bathroom equipped with safety bars. There is a closet for storage. And if required, arrangements can be made for additional storage. There are a total of 38 rooms. The costs range from 2830$ to 3910$ per month before Seniors Tax Credit and include all meals. Private telephone, TV and internet can be connected.


Safety & Security

The safety and convenience of all the ladies, at all times, is paramount at Fulford. There is a nurse on duty all day, everyday, a doctor that visits weekly and is on call 24 hours and there are caregivers on duty through the night. With only 38 ladies at any one time in residence the Fulford staff know each and every lady very well and understand her limitations.