Résidence Fulford Residence

1221 Guy Street - Montréal, Québec


A Few of your Favourite Things


Suggested items to bring with you upon admission:

  • Two pillows, pillow cases and covers

  • Mattress covers, quilted and plastic

  • Sheets, blanket and/or duvet

  • Towel and face cloths

  • Bed

  • Night table

  • Small television

  • Dresser

  • Desk and chair

  • Arm chair

  • Pictures and personal mementos

  • Fan for the summer

  • Laundry bag

  • Wastepaper basket

  • Clock radio

  • Bedside lamp

  • Floor lamp

  • Knee blanket

All items should be marked with the resident's name and a list will be kept on file in the office.


Please click here to download our form for valuables.






In addition to the items listed at left, we would appreciate a donation to the Residence of:

  • Four cups and saucers
  • Sherry glasses

These treasured items will be kept for the enjoyment of all our ladies when celebrating a special occasion.




Sketch by Sara Colby