Résidence Fulford Residence

1221 Guy Street - Montréal, Québec


Respite-Rehab-Care at Fulford


On November 21, I had a total knee replacement at the Montreal General Hospital. I was unable to go home after my surgery and found this out only the week before my surgery date.


I had looked into respite care at some of the larger retirement residences on the West Island, closer to where I live. However, Fulford Residence came to mind, especially because of its proximity to the hospital should I need to return for any reason. Driving in from the West Island with the combination of construction and winter conditions was a huge concern. In addition there happened to be a Pharmaprix drugstore right around the corner from Fulford where I could make arrangements to get all my medications on the day I would be transferred. They would even deliver if necessary. It just required that I bring my information from my pharmacy to them which would allow them to set up a profile.


The big question was would Fulford provide respite care? The answer turned out to be yes, when rooms were available. I went to see the Managing Director Marie-France Lacoste, on the Friday before the Tuesday of my surgery. There happened to be two rooms available. I chose a very cozy room on the second floor that was painted in light yellow. It exuded welcome and warmth. I made my arrangements on the spot to be there in one week if all went well.


Marjorie Harbert with Daphne Ardell.

I did arrive the following Friday, three days post-op, to a warm welcome from staff and residents alike. I settled in for what I thought would be two weeks, and stayed three. I think I was the youngest person there at the time but got to know a number of the ladies. My next door neighbour and I could be found watching the Montreal Canadians games in her room and credited ourselves with their come back at the time.


I was assigned to a table in the dining room and knew I had finally arrived when an official name card appeared at my place. The food was delicious and varied. The kitchen staff and those assisting the tables were always upbeat, attentive and caring.


I was able to have my CLSC services from the West Island transferred to the Metro Montreal Branch for wound/nursing care and physiotherapy. The professionals who came to see me were excellent. This was arranged at the time of discharge from the hospital on the orthopedic floor and then followed up by the Director of Nursing at Fulford. The nursing care at Fulford was extremely helpful, assisting me with many things but especially pain control and ice pack management. I could depend on their support and that of the in-house physician at all times.


I was invited to participate in any and all activities but found myself very busy with physiotherapy, ice pack management and rest. I did take in one chair yoga class which was wonderful. I very much enjoyed the Wednesday morning church services and would attend in my gym clothes with an ice pack around my knee. Who would have thought?


I am so grateful that I had the opportunity and privilege to stay at Fulford to convalesce. What I absolutely needed I received. It was a wonderful place to recuperate and heal and from there return to autonomous living.


So, does Fulford provide Respite-Rehab care? Absolutely and very well.

- Daphne Ardell