Résidence Fulford Residence

1221 Guy Street - Montréal, Québec


Our Services



Medical and other Services


A nurse is on duty sixteen (16) hours a day. Our doctor visits at least twice a week and is on-call full time. Fulford has a physio/occupational therapist available to help maintain autonomy and rehabilitate, if the need arises. Other on site services provided are dentist, podiatrist, and hairdresser/manicurist. Our nursing aides, who are on staff twenty-four (24 hours) a day, are caring, well trained, and experienced. They are carefully selected and pride themselves in their high quality of care. All of the staff of Fulford are chosen for their dedication to the well-being of our residents. There has always been strong continuity of staff.






In our elegant dining room we offer balanced, nutritional, and appetizing meals. We try our very best to respond to individual needs and preferences. Tea, coffee and snacks are served three times a day.


Sketch by Sara Colby