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Private Home for Senior Ladies



Basic Services and Extra Care Provided to Residents


Basic Services

The following services are included in the monthly rent which varies according to the room occupied. The minimum monthly charge* including services below is $2830 per month:

  • Room and board

  • Consulting with the doctor and the nurse

  • Dispensing of medication

  • Supervision of bathing

  • Activities and recreation

  • Daily support and supervision by an interaction with the Fulford Management Team and staff

  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry (linen and clothing)


* Important Note:
$400 will be billed to cover the evaluation, orientation and acclimatization of a new resident during her first month of residency.


Extra Care

Any extra care given, beyond the above-mentioned basic services, will be invoiced monthly. If thirty (30) minutes of extra care per day is required, the monthly charge will be $140. If one hour of daily extra care is required, the monthly charge will be $280. If one and a half hours of daily extra care are required, the monthly charge will be $420. The maximum additional monthly charge will be $1680 for six hours of extra care per day.

Below are some examples of extra care that can be provided:

  • Assist with dressing

  • Assist with grooming

  • Cue at mealtime

  • Assist at mealtime

  • Supervise at mealtime

  • Feed at mealtime

  • Supervise bathing

  • Assist with bathing

  • Bathe

  • Provide care required due to incontinence

  • Ensure daily orientation and support

  • Provide daily assistance to perform transfers from and to wheelchair

  • Provide daily assistance to transfer with patient lift and sling

Revised: 2020-02
Created: 2015-09-20
Approved: Board of Directors & Management Team



Medical Care and Other Services

Nursing staff are on duty sixteen (16) hours a day. Our doctor visits at least twice a week and is on-call full time. Fulford has a physio/occupational therapist available to help maintain autonomy and rehabilitate, if the need arises. Other on site services provided are dentist, podiatrist, and hairdresser/manicurist.

Our nursing aides are present twenty-four (24 hours) a day, and are caring, well-trained, and experienced. They are carefully selected and pride themselves in their high quality of care. All of the staff of Fulford are chosen for their dedication to the well-being of our residents. There has always been strong continuity of staff.