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Private Home for Senior Ladies



Fulford Residence is served by many volunteers every day of the year. Our wonderful volunteers provide friendship and a listening ear, and they contribute to so many activities enjoyed by the ladies.

Volunteer Greeters sit by the door to welcome visitors, to chat with the ladies and to serve coffee and tea in midmorning and in the afternoon. They circulate with our tea wagon of china cups and saucers, and a platter of cookies or breads.

Members of the Fulford Board are all volunteers, each of whom sits on one or more of our subcommittees. These committees include Activities, Food and Kitchen, Spiritual Life, House and Maintenance, Garden, Admissions and Fundraising. Every event that takes place at Fulford is dependent on these faithful members and their friends who initiate and plan activities, and participate alongside the ladies.

We are always looking for new volunteers to visit, to bake cookies for special events, to play bridge or knit, to teach arts and crafts, to call for Bingo, to play an instrument or to sing with the ladies, to read aloud, or to lead a discussion. Volunteers prepare a number of special events such as the Christmas Fair, Breakfast on the Balcony, High Tea and excursions to the Atwater Market or the Botanical Gardens. In the spring we plan to take the ladies on a tour of Montreal. Twice a year, the Montreal Police invite interested ladies to a pub on Crescent St. This “Pub Crawl” began following the Ice Storm in 1998, when the police assisted the ladies into warm shelter, and the ladies so enjoyed the company of these young men!  

If you drive by the Fulford Residence in the summer months, you will see gardens and well-tended flower pots along the balcony where our ladies enjoy sitting and viewing the comings and goings along Guy Street. Our flowers are thanks to another group of dedicated volunteers who want the residents to be surrounded by beautiful displays.



Some of our wonderful volunteers


Volunteer Doug Dawson

Volunteer Doug Dawson reading to the ladies