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January 2016

A Thank You from our residents
written by Mary Ramsay following last Christmas

To the members of the Board of Directors,

Again we residents arise with one voice to express our appreciation for the many delights you extended to us this past Christmas and New Year.

We know this comes only by much planning to result in such fun-filled and festive activities, including Santa's many generous gifts.

Your evident joy in giving is indeed our joy in receiving.

God bless you all,
The Residents of Fulford




July 2015


Thanks to a project by students from Concordia University, Fulford Residence has a vegetable garden behind the house, and a balcony garden where ladies help to harvest fresh tomatoes and peppers.

Half the harvest each week benefits Montreal Food Banks. The rest is Fulford's to enjoy.

The kitchen staff enjoy picking fresh kale, cucumbers, rhubarb, and herbs to enhance the flavours of daily meals, and to prepare summer treats for the ladies. How many residences can boast such a wonderful asset!


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March 2015


For the past 8 years, my mother Katharine Marie Grier Burpee resided at The Fulford Residence. She recently passed away peacefully as she approached her 101st birthday. Several days before she died, I was called to be advised that she was being moved to a room near the nursing station as the staff were aware that she only had a short time to live. I was fortunate to be able to see her a day before she died. She no longer knew who I was but after I spoke to her, she gripped my hand tightly for a few minutes, something I’ll never forget.


The care my mother received at the Fulford was constant. In the early years, she could pretty much look after herself. There were lots of activities, musical entertainment, exercise classes and regular bridge with the other ladies. My favourite activity was the women, sitting in their chairs, playing soccer. Some of them could give the ball a good kick! Sometimes I would arrive when the ladies were having a meal and I would join them to chat. I got to know them and would ask silly things like, “Are you behaving yourself today?” You can imagine the prompt answers I received that quickly put me in my place!

Mrs. Katharine Burpee

The ladies receive a lot of care at Fulford. They have regular appointments with the nurse, the hairdresser and have their nails carefully filed. Of course, as they get older, more care is needed and I saw great patience being given, even when someone like my mother didn’t like to be touched. Once a day, each lady is given her pills. In my mother’s case, approaching her with a few pills on a spoon had no possibilities of success, but if they were mixed with something nice and sweet, down the hatch they went.


Gradually, my mother lost her ability to see and to hear, and towards the end she no longer knew me. It was a very hard time for me as I tried my best to reach her. But a few months ago on a visit when I was trying to get her attention, all of a sudden, her eyes sparkled, a smile crossed her face and she said “Tommy” out loud as though she was talking to her young boy again. That broke my heart and will stay with me forever. But, don’t anyone else try calling me that if you value your life!


I have nothing but praise for the care my mother received at the Fulford Residence and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to other families. My only complaint, which I’ve voiced many times, is that they only take women and not men.


Thomas Burpee





2 Jan 2014 The Gazette
Monique Muise


Tireless centenarian a mainstay at the Montreal General
Feisty Westmount native dies at 106 after a life stuffed with adventure and friendship

Very few people can claim to have lived a life as full as Lucille (Lou) Pacaud.

The space between Pacaud’s birth, in August 1907, and her death, last week at the age of 106, was stuffed to the brim with friendship, adventure and hard work.

The Westmount native was feisty and tireless, famously volunteering at the Montreal General Hospital for more than two decades after her retirement. Pacaud’s “Lou Mobile” — a cart loaded with items for purchase from the hospital’s gift shop — became a familiar sight in the building’s hallways and patient rooms over the years, and she continued making the rounds until her 102nd birthday.

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Fulford Residence staff members lose family in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan

On November 8th, when the eastern seaboard of the Philippines experienced one of the most powerful storms on record, two ladies who serve the Fulford Residence on Guy St. lost family living in Tacloban, in Leyte Province.

Fe Young and Retchel Aguero are an aunt and a niece whose homes in Tacloban were totally destroyed. Fe lost her brother who was Retchel’s father, and a young nephew. When this news was shared with the Fulford Community, the staff contributed generously to the rebuilding of family homes. The members of the Board of Directors, community volunteers and the seniors who live in the home, all followed suit to assist with this recovery. Retchel and Fe, as well as other staff from areas of the Philippines responded by hosting a tea for donors. Stories were shared with touching generosity and gratitude.

The Fulford community will continue to support Fe and Retchel through the months ahead.

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November 2010



CTV Montreal: My Montreal: The Ladies of Fulford pub crawl


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April 2010


Photo- Phil Carpenter - The Gazette

Pub Crawl - with Police Escort


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Sketch by Sara Colby